We specialize in creating the ultimate museum experience. We can design and implement turnkey solutions for AV and specialist interactive displays. Our professional services help overcome the challenges and complexities of project development and implementation.
Our Technology Integrations include:
- Interactive exhibits
- Projection systems
- 3D Mapping
- Special effects
- Audio-visual show control
- RFID tagging
- Synchronized PDAs
- Remote system monitoring
We strive for nothing less than delivering an impactful experience. Each of our projects shows the level of imagination, accuracy, and depth of our design and expertise. Pyramid can provide high end latest technology that complements the entire show and guarantee an unmatched, unforgettable experience to the visitor.  

Convention Centres

We’ve leveraged project opportunities of planning, design and implementation of prestigious convention facilities. We employ an integrated approach comprised of superior planning and design to produce whole solutions which are highly functional and flexible to serve the ever so changing needs of high end convention facilities.

We offer you ONLY the best solutions for a successful Convention Centre integrating the requirements of the auditoriums, Concert halls, Lecture halls, Meeting rooms, and Conference rooms seamlessly to deliver an exceptional experience to the thousands of attendees for even the most elaborate and challenging events.

Handling the complex specialized requirements for Video walls/ LED screens, Projection, Pro Audio, AV and broadcast seamlessly integrated with the Security and Life Safety requirements of the facility requires specific skills; for which we have created a qualified team of highly trained creative and passionate experts who are always available to make sure every event is a memorable success. 


We at Pyramid start every project with a Turnkey Custom-built approach by developing a comprehensive plan suitable to the needs of the facility. A secretariat building is unique in its design requirements and houses Assembly halls, Meeting halls, Offices of State and Pyramid has proudly integrated Audio Visual and ELV systems into many government facilities for customized unique requirements.
Our comprehensive solution covers the designing and implementation of the best technology suiting the requirements some of which are listed below;
• Microphone & Sound Reinforcement Systems
• Voting and Interpretation Systems
• Broadcast and Video Distribution Systems
• LED Displays and Video Walls
• Control Room application for monitoring and security
• Building Automation
• Entrance Control including Under Vehicle Scanning systems
• Fire and Life Safety systems
• Secure Networks and Storage
• Unified Communications Solutions
• Audio and Video Conferencing Systems

Our technology options will integrate seamlessly to address every facet of the project, to ensure the delivery of unmatched expertise and our broad portfolio of government project experience helps us meet complex facility requirements. 


Pyramid’s solutions for hospitals include Audio Video, Life Safety and Security Systems right from the patient’s point of entry to their after-care management. From their entrances, dynamic digital signage systems present tailored information, news and wayfinding guidance to visitors and patients and help the flow of movement around buildings. Audio and video conferencing systems enable management to conduct meetings with patients and medical practitioners on site and those medicine professionals working remotely.
Surgical procedures are now delivered through integrated Audio-Visual signal processing, distribution, and control support to remote training facilities to educate future medical professionals in real-life hospital scenarios.  

Control Rooms

Control rooms are mission critical surveillance environments handling an ever increasing number of video and data sources. The effective design and layout of Control Rooms, the equipment and human-machine interface is vital in ensuring efficient and safe management of operations, especially in high risk environments. Efficient collaboration and effective decision-making is only possible if operators have quick and timely access to information.
We provide high end integrated solutions for Control Rooms which are ideal for critical surveillance requirements. We have in-depth experience in designing control rooms taking account of human capabilities and limitations, reducing opportunities for human error; providing accurate and real-time information, no matter where you are. Our Control Room designs integrate video wall displays, graphic controllers and web-based operating software allowing the operators to get a complete overview of all surveillance systems and cameras, ensuring a safe working environment for our clients. 

Broadcast Studios

AV applications have enabled organizations across market verticals, including corporate, government, public sector and educational institutions, to record, store and broadcast video assets, live and on demand, using professional media technologies and hardware.
Our clients’ broadcast environments range in scale and arrangement, but all represent sophisticated spaces that include studios, post-production facilities and reception areas.
We’ve equipped our clients from various sectors with innovative, professional broadcasting systems to provide world class media studios for distribution and streaming of live or on demand video material to audiences and provide full control resources to manage, distribute and regulate video assets.  


Pyramid through AV attempts to inspire communication and create a fantastic environment for discussion, debate and learning. Our integrated audio visual solutions have delivered accessible, collaborative technologies and unique learning experiences to students and teachers alike.

Our solutions for educational environments include professional AV solutions for classrooms through display and projection systems for multimedia teaching, smartboards and tablets for interactive annotation and mobile units to enable teaching spaces to share resources easily. Audio systems to distributed audio streams add to these future-proofed teaching environments and all are managed and automated with simple, intuitive control systems for teaching spaces. 

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company