AV Integration


Our Professional audio systems handle every aspect of sound reinforcement carefully integrated with event lighting, displays, projection, staging for all events, be it a concert, DJ performances, Audio samplings or even surround sound movie theatres ensuring the experience is captured and conveyed the way you want them to be seen and heard.
We are associated with world renowned and one of the best Pro-Audio Systems manufacturers to deliver pure innovation to the modern live sound workflow, removing complexity to empower greater efficiency and creativity.
Our Pro-Audio integration capabilities are recommended for our unsurpassed sound quality keeping in mind every design parameter in line with EASE calculations, Acoustics allowing for seamless integration of Mixers, Amplifiers, Line Arrays and Microphones to ensure complete versatility, and rugged reliability, with other display and broadcasting equipment to create reinforced sound professionally configured to handle practically any size show production. 

Conference Systems

Conferencing ranges from intimate informal meetings, to major multi-lingual conferences with tons of delegates. Solutions designed by Pyramid get people interacting and communicating effectively, clearly and integrated with Sound and in a way that suits the voice tone of the speaker. We work to understand our clients communication objectives and then design the Conferencing solution around them. Our team is passionate about delivering exceptional sound and focused on creating solutions that facilitate the requirements of the event. Our strong relationships with our selection of world leading equipment suppliers allows us to synchronize our capabilities to craft the most appropriate, relevant and effective conferencing possible.

Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Simultaneous interpretation is the complex and highly skilled task of rendering one spoken language into multiple languages with perfection to deliver a real-time experience synchronized with the speaker. Interpreters, working in teams of two per language, listen to the speaker and at the same time provide an interpretation of what has just been said. It is imperative from an integration perspective to ensure all delegates to hear the speech or presentation at the same time in their preferred languages and allows discussions and presentations to proceed at the same pace seamlessly as a single language conference. Our goal is to provide a complete simultaneous interpretation experience, to enable you to run your multi-language meeting or event harmoniously. 

Audio Guide Systems

Audio guide Systems provide assistance, information and cultural, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to people on organized tours and individual clients at educational establishments, religious and historical sites, museums, and at venues of other significant interest.

Pyramid integrates the Audio- Visual experience a better way to provide tours for your groups, in an easy-to-use wireless communication system designed specifically for guides and groups. Since hearing is a critical part of the visitor’s experience, each system is designed to reduce noise and meet ADA requirements.
It is a great way to deliver pre-recorded commentary enabling the visitor to select the tour and/or language of their choice and allow them to freely move at their pace through the facility.

Switching and Control Systems

There is a constant increasing demand to manage Audio Video Equipment carrying any Signal over long distances. Pyramid successfully delivers AV Projects which are scalable to hundreds of equipment’s delivering integrated Audio-Visual signal processing, distribution, and control. Our team is well trained on designing the right product to fit the scale and budget of nearly any project.
Our detailed approach to identify equipment’s based on the core requirement of the project enables us to use our ability to provide scalability to meet the constantly transforming signaling industry. 

Video Walls

Video wall deployments pose different challenges depending on dimension, resolution, connectivity, and application requirements. Pyramid offers a 360° approach, delivering a comprehensive range of hardware and software products designed to meet any video wall project requirement. Our capable teams can design near seamless video wall solutions making various formats of display possible. It can be extended easily, allowing the client to generate effective attraction.

LED Displays

The LED Displays industry has grown considerably requiring exceptional resolution experiences for both indoor and outdoor applications be it Museums and Experience Centers, Broadcasting and Control rooms, to Digital Advertising and Façade LED screens.
Our task is to identify the right solution based on the Pixel Pitch to achieve a good resolution output image quality. Our strong product partners help us engineer and deliver specialty installs in line with the requirement of the project. 

Home Theatres

From invisible surround sound, to a fibre optic, ultra-HD 4k video distribution system, a perfectly integrated audio-visual system can seamlessly deliver exceptional quality sound and picture to home / auditoriums / Hotels / big organizations. Using the latest technology, we can design an integrated audio visual system to effortlessly complement the interior of any room.

Our wealth of experience within all aspects of AV Design makes us the perfect partner, whatever your project. For a client who simply wants the best, Pyramid can help you create a truly exceptional product. 

Classroom & Training Centres

We work towards taking the learning process to the next level by integrating A/V technology that will provide an “ease of use” solution for an effective educational experience. We design audio-visual and collaboration solutions for classrooms and training centers so that learners can work with one another in the same room and across great distances.

Our training Room Solutions include:
• Projectors, Monitors, and Screens Custom Designed to the Facility
• Interactive Smart Boards and Touch Screens
• Touch Screens to Control all Media within the room
• Video Conferencing for Remote Attendees
• Multiple Audio and Video Inputs for remote viewing Live Classrooms
• Control Systems to Integrate All Media Types

With our in-house AV team, we will design and install a solution that fits all of your needs. 

Lighting Control Systems

We integrate lighting systems with AV to provide in-room lighting solutions or centralized Lighting control options for various applications. We aim at improving the effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing everything from functional general illumination to spectacular color-changing experiences configured with the optimal control system.

At Pyramid, we have the expertise and range of systems to transform your requirements into effective lighting applications and we help you specify and execute flawless solutions that ensure the ideal lighting for your specific lighting needs. 

Collaboration Solutions

Pyramid provides a holistic approach to collaboration space and user experience design. We can create rooms and spaces that are easy to use and that enable your workforce to innovate and collaborate. Our well trained teams have a knack to understand business requirements and objectives, which allows us to tailor the perfect collaboration solution. At Pyramid our aim is to apply high standards to all our projects across the variety of locations. We provide complete packages to our customers; design, installation, training and service. We also provide monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Video Distribution and Broadcast

Pyramid has a wide range of Video Distribution solutions for Mission Critical Applications with best in class image scaling. With our experience in Digital Video Broadcasting, we provide end to end solutions for Distribution and Broadcast where we stream presentations/ events with separate live feeds from various hosting venues over Fibre Optic Infrastructure all in real-time. We deliver results to ensure seamless functioning through a professional and systematic approach at every step.


Pyramid has collaborated with the best in the industry to create an immersive experience for the audiences. A wide choice of resolutions and brightness levels helps us project, rich evocative displays on almost any structure. Our solutions range from High end technology to warp and edge-blend projected images onto irregular shapes or surfaces to interactive touch controls for multiple simultaneous touch interactions. Water projection is another of our specialization where the projection is designed on a water body with fine jets of water creating a mist on which we provide a huge range of water effects from rain curtains and bubble walls through to dancing water fountains and jumping water jets to create a three dimensional holographic visual treat.

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