Building Management Systems

Pyramid Technologies offers the integration of Building Automation hardware and software that delivers optimum connectivity and provides functionality that unites multiple systems on one network across enterprises, from a single platform.
We design and install intelligent building management systems that deliver monitoring and controls for HVAC, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Life Safety, Lighting Controls and Energy Efficiency. Our application and installation expertise helps you speed up the entire process right from the design to the commissioning stage. We deliver results that create a safe and energy efficient environment for any facility you can think of.

We help you with:
- Efficient and cost effective value engineering of system design
- Appropriate hardware for seamless integration
- Ease of system operation and management by our trained personnel 

Entrance Control Systems

For companies where security is vital and access to certain areas must be controlled and monitored, Pyramid's entrance control solutions allow companies to manage and monitor all access points, allowing for auditable security and quick responses to any security breaches.

Whether the need is for Bollards, Under Vehicle Scanning Systems with Automated Number Plate Recognition System, Tyre Killers, Turnstiles, Barriers, Speed Gates, Revolving Security Doors, Arena Entrances or a basic wall-mounted smart card/ biometric reader, Pyramid Technologies has the integration capabilities of the most comprehensive range of Entrance control products and the largest number of identification systems within a coherent setup.
With an increased need to restrict access into commercial buildings and to differentiate between staff and visitors, Pyramid offers a comprehensive, bespoke design and install service for Entrance Control Solutions.
Our Solutions are networked and seamlessly integrate Security, Visitor management and Surveillance to provide a total security package. 

Video Surveillance

Pyramid Technologies offers complete range of mission critical surveillance systems designed especially for accuracy and effectiveness allowing our clients peace of mind and complete governance over their facilities, big or small. Our solutions are ideal for 24/7 infrastructure.
We provide high definition network video management solution that delivers full situation awareness and indisputable detail, leading to faster response times, reduced investigation times, and superior overall protection.
We have a complete portfolio of High quality commercial, industrial and professional grade video wall solutions for high end control room applications. We design an innovative solution for the most demanding, challenging, high ambient light environments. With no practical limit to the number of tiles in a display, our video wall systems can produce a nearly seamless canvas with an unlimited number of super-fine pixels.
We provide flexible and scalable open systems that can easily be integrated with other systems, such as access control and building management. Allowing security professionals to meet current infrastructure requirements; maintaining a single user interface and minimizing training costs, while benefiting from a new level of HD video surveillance performance. 

Parking Management System 

Pyramid solutions are flexible and cost effective that helps to reduce operational cost, increase profitability and enhance security and comfort. We use the latest technology to produce exceptional performance with high quality solution for a perfect parking experience. Our teams work to seamelessly integrate a Parking Management System which is more managed, secure, and revenue oriented to optimize parking operations. We also have expertise in integration of the system with Access Control and other security systems to offer a comprehensive solution to our Customers.   

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company