Life Safety

Fire Detection and Gas Suppression Systems

Physical and logical security measures need to work together with fire detection and suppression systems to ensure that your facilities are sufficiently guarded from catastrophic events. Trusting one integrator to achieve this common goal results in superior risk mitigation.

We work seamlessly to integrate a comprehensive life-safety environment comprising of Detection and Suppression systems.

Our technical expertise in System Design in line with NFPA Standards, Optimum Layout Design, Cost effective use equipment and materials along with adequate and effective use of the Suppression agent ensures we provide a sustainable individually tailored Gas Suppression System for effective protection. We provide integrated fire detection and alarm system incorporating fire alarm, Aspiration Detection, Voice Evacuation and Gas Based Fire Suppression Systems that can meet the most complex requirements. Everything you need for your facility is available under one roof, from fire alarm and suppression to integrated security and emergency communications.
Backed by strong engineering skills, project management capabilities and stringent quality control we constantly strive to meet today’s ever demanding fire alarm & life safety requirements. 

Public Address and Evac Systems

Public Address systems and Evacuation systems are especially important to avoid panic and provide clear instructions for rapid and effective evacuation in case of a major emergency situations. We provide scalable solutions with both Voice Alarm and Public Address to ensure safe and orderly evacuation. Clear transmission of messages help facilitate reliable operations. We develop our solutions to meet the needs of any company, building or critical infrastructure and design a solution that seamlessly integrates Basic and Networked Public Address Systems, Multi-lingual messaging to implement evacuation strategies to ensure total building evacuation.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company