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  Public Address & Evacuation  
  The simplest PA systems consist of a microphone, a modestly-powered mixer-amplifier (which incorporates a mixer and an amplifier in a single cabinet) and one or more loudspeakers. Public Address systems typically consist of input sources, pre-amplifiers and/or signal routers, amplifiers, control and monitoring equipment, and loudspeakers. Input sources refer to the microphones and CD Players that provide a sound input for the system.

With advancing technology Pyramid Technologies can now help you install a campus wide paging or intercom system using your existing Ethernet network. It can be used to provide emergency notification to the campus or specific messages to each room.

  • The Software runs on your PC, manages the system and provides digital voice quality sound wherever you need it.
  • PA speaker amplifiers and intercoms can be mounted around the campus indoors or outdoors.
  • Easy installation - Amplifiers and intercoms connect to your Ethernet network
  • Wired or wireless connections for flexible installation
  • Zones extend over networks and span the Internet.
  • Powerful integrated amplifier provides loud, crisp quality sound.
  • Interface to choice of speakers: analog overhead loudspeakers, wall mounted, outdoor horn speakers, etc.
  • Fast to deploy, easy to maintain.
  • Audio monitoring and intercom capability at any end-point.



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