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Pyramid Technologies is proud to offer a complete product line of Building automation controllers and workstation softwares that delivers optimum connectivity and functionality.

We are totally committed to help you get the best performance of your building management needs for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for all types of buildings. We also integrate the same with fire, life safety, access management and lighting controls alongwith other building systems.

Our application and installation expertise help you speed up the entire process right from the design to the commissioning stage.

The Proximity Card system uses proximity ID cards, each with a unique built-in code. To clocking or out, the employee holds the card in front of the Time and Attendance reader unit. At this point, the system can be configured to open an electronic door lock. All events from every card reader are gathered by a central networked Windows PC, which may be situated anywhere on the LAN or WAN. The networked reader has its own IP address, offering the ability to retrieve and administer user data across your Intranet. An optional color touch screen can also be used, allowing users to interactively access additional personal information, for example holiday entitlement, drinks machine credits or specific company activities.

The Biometric based system is based on a sophisticated fingerprint reader designed to provide simple and functional recording of staff movement within an organization. Authentication is programmed to read a user's unique non-transferable physical characteristics. An employee simply places their fingertip on the sensor to clock in or out.

We Help you with :

  • Efficient and cost effective value engineering of system design
  • Appropriate hardware for seamless integration
  • Ease of system operation and management by our trained personnel

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