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  Access Control  
  For companies where security is vital and access to certain areas must be controlled and monitored, Pyramid's access control allow companies to manage and monitor all access points and locks, allowing for auditable security and quick responses to any security breaches.

  Whether the need is for a basic wall-mounted, proximity card reader or a sophisticated combination PIN, card swipe and fingerprint reader, Pyramid Technologies has the most comprehensive range of access control and biometric products and the largest number of identification systems within a coherent setup. Our product line allows companies to choose almost any common form of existing ID technology for access point recognition. Some of the options include swipe cards and/or keypads as well as more sophisticated readers such as proximity cards and state-of-the-art biometric readers for fingerprint and/or facial recognition.

A variety of reader technologies are supported which provide the flexibility to tailor the system to user's security needs. Card reader technologies include Magnetic Stripe, Wigand, Proximity, and Biometric (like finger scan, face recognition, hand geometry etc.). For added security Personal Identification Number (PIN) Pads can be integral with or located next to the card readers.


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